Ladies Golf Blog- Tips For Your First Day On The Course

Ladies Golf Blog- Tips For Your First Day On The Course

Whether you are a businesswoman invited to play with clients or giving golf a try with some friends or significant other, your first time on the course can be intimidating. Golf is a very powerful weapon for a woman, and after you read some of these tips, I hope to make your first time out there less intimidating in hopes you'll start to play more and more!  

Play smarter, not harder. Here is a list of some basic tips that will make your first day out on the course run smoothly! 


1.) Lessons

The first thing I would recommend if you have enough notice is to invest in a couple of lessons before you go out to play. Some clubs or driving ranges have ladies group lessons which would be a great place to start, or you can book a private lesson. Call your local course or driving range and see which pro they recommend for a beginner and to get any info on ladies clinics they may offer.


2.) What to Wear

If you feel good in what you are wearing, the better you will do and feel out there! Most private courses have a dress code, so it is important to check their website to see what their dress code requirements are. As a general rule for private clubs, shirts are required to have either sleeves or a collar, and skirts need to be about 19" in length. Public and resort courses usually don't have strict dress codes, so you have a little more freedom. Remember you will be bending over a lot and there is also wind to account for! You do not need to go out and buy golf shoes, sneakers will work just fine. 

Private Club Outfit:  Performance Pleat and Country Club Pullover 

Public/Resort Course: Riviera Wrap Dress or Run Short and Basic Tee


3.) Golf Clubs

If you don’t have a set of your own, call the course ahead of time to reserve a Ladies rental set. Ladies clubs are made lighter and are made for women, so they will be much easier to hit than heavy standard mens clubs. Remember, play smarter, not harder.


4.) Tee Time

You need to get to the course at least 30 minutes before your tee time. This will give you a chance to check in at the pro shop, get your clubs if you are renting, and get settled into your cart. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to hit a few balls on the range as well to loosen up!


5.) Golf Cart

If your playing parter or business parter is a seasoned golfer or at least more experienced than you, let them drive the cart. There are a lot of unwritten rules with cart driving and it would be best to just take this one off the list of things to worry about. If you don’t have a choice or you will be alone in your cart, stay on the cart path as much as you can as a general rule and stay behind anyone who is hitting.


6.) Play the Ladies Tees

There is no need to try and impress the guys by playing the back tees ( Smarter not Harder!) Wait for the guys to hit in the back, then walk or drive up to the Ladies Tees and try your best! If it isn’t going well, don’t stress!! Golf is ridiculously hard!!! Instead of trying to keep trying the same shot over and over again, it is best to pick up. You can always still walk up to the putting green with the rest of the group, drop your ball up by the green and hit a putt or two. No one will be keeping score for your first time and your group (and the group behind you) will appreciate you helping to keep up with the pace of play.


7.) After the Round

If dinner/cocktails are in the plans, bring a few things to primp with afterwards in the Ladies Locker Room such as some make up, hairspray, brush and deodorant (it can get sweaty out there!) Ladies are not required to remove hats or visors in the clubhouse, but I always like to take mine off. To shop some looks that will transition from the course to off, shop here! 

8.) Last but not least, DON’T take yourself too seriously and Have fun!

Do not be intimidated or nervous! Remember the men in your group will be completely engulfed in their own game and probably pouting about how bad they’re playing, trying to impress you (eye roll...MEN.) They will not be focusing on your game! So just have fun, enjoy the outdoors and enjoy trying something new. Focus on having your best attitude and closing the deal or enjoying time with your friends/significant other, not your golf game! One of the many things that are so great about this sport is that it is very social. During the round you have lots of time to socialize and enjoy your company in a non-physically competitive arena. Be proud of yourself for trying something new and challenging! Way to go!

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